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Really simple ssl: High speed ssl plugin
Lightweight script
really simple ssl plugin

Please note: All information regarding Really Simple SSL will be moved to the plugin website www.really-simple-ssl.com. Information here might be out of date.

No setup required! You only need an SSL certificate, and this plugin will do the rest.
The really simple ssl plugin detects ssl by trying to open a page through https.
If ssl is detected it will configure  your site to support ssl.

Any questions, suggestions? Contact me!

= Two simple steps for setup: =
* Get an SSL certificate from your hosting provider (can’t do that for you, sorry)
* Activate this plugin.

= What does the plugin actually do =
* All incoming requests are redirected to https. If possible with .htaccess, or else with javascript.
* The site url and home url are changed to https.
* All hyperlinks in the front-end are changed to https, so any hardcoded http urls, in themes, or content are fixed.


1. Download the plugin
2. Upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins directory,
3. Go to “plugins” in your wordpress admin, then click activate.
4. If you haven’t done so already, install your ssl certificate
5. Log on to your WP dashboard once more, you should now see a success message.

Now, when you go to your site, this plugin will force the website over https, and to prevent errors it will make sure every url that points to your site url is https as well.

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